What is so special about Nido?

At each Nido Early School, we offer a variety of special points of difference to enhance each child’s experience, from cooking, dance, languages, music and sports, through to yoga and other well-being opportunities.

Outdoor Spaces

We boast fantastic outside spaces for learning which are unique to Nido. Embracing the Reggio Emilia approach, Nido offers nature-inspired learning spaces and outdoor activities that fuel curiosity and learning. Our exciting, tailor-made outdoor playgrounds suit all ages of children.

The children enjoy learning outside where we offer lots of different activities and gardening. Following the principles of Reggio Emilia, nature is the third teacher and it’s a great way to learn.

Nido educators help children in playing with natural materials for hands-on sensory experiences


Our ateliers, not found elsewhere in Australia, are fantastic spaces for your child to create and express themselves, whether it’s doing artwork or making things from recycling or clay. At Nido, we inspire interest and help children develop into confident learners.

At Nido, our ethos is to provide fun and creative opportunities that allow children to develop crucial problem-solving skills, and our ateliers provide the perfect stimulus for children to explore, learn and grow.

Our environment

The environment plays a key role in your child’s learning at Nido, with all our spaces are meticulously designed.

Reggio Emilia has deep roots in nature, with natural materials being used extensively in both our indoor and outdoor settings and our surroundings offer visual stimuli and hands-on sensory experiences. These experiences form an essential component of the learning process for our children.