Our Frequently Asked Questions

What qualification do your staff hold?

  • All Nido Early Schools have a Curriculum Leader to coach and mentor Educators in developing high quality educational programs
  • All Educators at Nido either hold, or are actively working towards a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • In addition to this, at least half of our team hold a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Depending on the number of places in each Nido Early School, each Early School will have a number of Bachelor trained teachers
  • Every person we employ has a current Working with Children Check

What types of food do you provide? Do you cater for dietary, cultural and medical needs?

The smell of cooking from the cucina and seeing children getting involved in cooking, very much reflects that our passion for food in all our Early Schools.

Because the right food is vital for your child’s development, our menus are developed by Nourished Beginnings, using whole foods and excluding processed sugars. We cater to all allergies, as well as cultural and dietary preferences and all our Early Schools are nut aware.

Please see our Summer/Autumn or Winter/Spring menus for detailed information on what we provide.

What are the room routines?

The needs of each child and their age dictate their routine. Those children in the Nursery room follow their individual home routine. As they progress to the Toddler’s room, we begin to blend this with a more general routine that follows regular mealtimes and sleep patterns. Kindergarten children have the most structured routine, which encourages self-service and independent feeding.

How are fees paid?

  • You are required to pay one-week fees in advance
  • Payments are made by direct debit for convenience and security
  • If you wish to cancel or change your booking, we need two weeks’ notice in writing
  • No bonds are charged to secure your child’s place
  • Please contact your local Nido Early School for their fee structure

Does the Early School follow a curriculum?

Our curriculum, which is a balance of child led and adult intentional teaching, offers children the opportunity to participate in active learning, whilst having the support and challenge they need from Educators.

How are behavioural issues dealt with?

Above all we want your child to be curious and to question. But if there are times when we are concerned with their behaviour, we will discuss this with you and work together to find the best way we can support your child.

How will I know what my child has done all day?

We believe learning continues at home, so we want parents or carers to know exactly what your child is working on. Educators also take the time daily to have that vital chat in person with you at drop off and collection.

Does Nido follow any sun safety guidance?

We follow the Sun Smart program all year round and nothing is left to chance. Families are asked to provide a labelled sunhat that is kept at the Early School. Clothing covering shoulders is required, as is a water bottle. Sunscreen is applied before going outdoors and staff monitor the UV levels daily.

What ages do you cater for?

We offer unique education and care services for children from six weeks, to school age. Our rooms are age centric and typically follow as below:

NURSERY 6 weeks – 18 months
TODDLER 18 months – 3 years
KINDERGARTEN 3 years to school

What do I need to bring in for my child?

All families are asked to bring:

  • Spare set of clothes
  • Hat
  • Medication
  • Water bottle

What is your accident policy and procedure?

We have a clear policy and procedure for accidents and there is at least one first aid qualified staff member available at all times. If an incident, injury, trauma or illness occurs:

  • Parents will be informed immediately or at collection, depending on the incident
  • Staff will complete a detailed incident, injury, trauma or illness form
  • Parents will be asked to sign the form

More talk, more action

We always welcome any questions or ideas you may have. Your local Nido Early School will be very happy to assist.